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South American Specialty and Organic Products


About Us

About South Organics

South Organics USA brings SOUTH AMERICAN Organic, Specialty Products & Fair Trade for the consumer into the United States.

We take pride in knowing the producers of the products we sell like Yerba Mate and Alfajores from Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil, ensuring that meet the high quality standards that we expect to feed our own families.

Yerba Mate has many medical benefits

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Our Products

Our Products

Enjoy  OUR NEW RICE ALFAJORES CACHAFAZ GLUTEN FREE ! With Caramel / Dulce de leche filling and Chocolate cover .

What a better way to fight the cold than drinking WARM Organic & Fair Trade Yerba Mate Teas? Better taste and more antioxidants than Green Tea to make you feel so much better and healthier. Taste the different kinds: Blend Stem & leafs, 100 % Leafs, tea bags.

When you buy here you are not only consuming  delicious and healthy products, but also helping  family producers of South America,  biodiversity, soil conservation and  less contamination.

You can also try out our gourmet products! There is always a moment in your day that you need a little sweet to survive through your rought day and here we understand you and we satisfy your necessities.

You really want to pass this out? Shop us now using the codes for discounts!

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It never looked so easy to cook the best pastery in your own kitchen. 

You'll be able to learn new recipes so you can surprise family and friends at meetings, birthdays and other events with our Dulce de Leche brought to you from South America.

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