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South American Specialty and Organic Products

Products: Yerba Mate

Kraus Pure Leaf De Luxe 500 gr

Organic Yerba Mate Pure Leaf and Fair Trade

Kraus Organic Leaf & Stem Equilibrium 500 gr.

 Kraus Organic comes from the North of Argentina from one of the best traditional organic  farms that produce yerba mate and tea. It is dried with an unique unsmoked process.

Taragüi Yerba Mate Regular Blend / with stem 500 grams/ 1.17 lb


With its unique personality, Taragüi is the leading yerba in Argentina. Since 1924 it has been cultivated, harvested and processed at its origin by true specialists. Our different varieties make it possible to enjoy all the characteristics that distinguish Taragüi.

Intense, genuine flavor

Taragui Yerba Mate Naranja de Oriente/ Orange 500 gr / 1.1 lb

Taste the Orient, the ancient origin of the first oranges, and enjoy all the freshness of this delicious fruit together with the flavor of the best yerba mate.

Taragui 100% Pure Leaf Yerba Mate 500 grams/ 1.17 lb

  • 100 % produced with thin and thick leaves.
  • Intense dark olive green, due to the brushing of the leaves.
  • Ideal for French press-style infusions.

Union Yerba Mate Suave/ Light Low Dust Content 500 gr./ 1.1 lb

  • High-performance yerba.
  • BCP: Bajo Contenido en Polvo - Low Dust Content

  • Highly persistent flavor due to its composition.
  • When preparing it as an infusion, a nice clear color can be perceived.

Yerba Mate La Merced De Luxe Box 500 gr / 1.1 Lb.

Top Quality  Yerba mate of Argentina.

The special nature of La Merced is due to the particular climates and soils in which it is grown, as well as special processing.

These make it a yerba mate of superior quality and limited production.


Yerba Mate Amanda 1 Kg - 2.2 Lb - Tradicional

Tradicional argentine taste , Red label .

Yerba mate with stems.

The most ancient operating company from the province of Misiones, with more than 90 years of experience in yerba mate

Yerba mate Rosamonte Suave 1kg

  • Sabor suave y continuo desde el primer mate
  • Imported from Argentina
  • Smooth Taste
  • Right equilibrium between leaf and stem.

Yerba Mate Canarias

Yerba mate con la mayor proporción de hoja pura del mercado y un adecuado equilibrio entre polvo y palo. Producto 100% natural sin agregados artificiales de conservantes ni otros productos químicos.

Las hojas de los árboles de yerba mate utilizadas para la elaboración de este producto proceden de los estados de Santa Catarina, Paraná y Rio Grande Do Sul en Brasil. Los árboles crecen en bosques nativos cuyo microclima favorece el desarrollo ideal de las propiedades de la hoja.